How to choose the switch socket panel

2021-07-10 09:40

Now switch socket 2 piece called "contact" metal, wherein, a is the time to contact,let current into loop; second is when thecontacts do not contact, current open.

Choice of contact metal, it is necessary to consider the fight against corrosiondegree, this is because a lot of metal oxide will become insulating oxides, will make the contact can not go to work properly. Select the contact metal should also consider theelectrical conductivity, hardness, cost and other factors. Sometimesplating to corrosion of metal in contact, which is generallydeposited on the contact surface of the contact, to avoid the properties of oxide induced.

Sometimes the contact surface will make the conductive material non metals, such as conductive plastic. So how do we select switch socket panel?

1, first look at the appearance of the surface of switch socket, Is it right? Smooth,rough and so

2, terminal is not bright have traces of rust phenomenon

2, terminal is not bright have traces of rust phenomenon

3, wiring, screwing the screw not sense block, after tightening will not loose,

4, switch socket is mounted to the strong surface, should be smooth, no tilt

5, switch socket should have clear instructions, such as open or closed

6, switch socket FireWire, zero line wiring terminals shall be clearly marked

7, switch socket handle to light, crisp sound, sensitive

8, each switch socket should have certain marks, certification marks

9, in the purchase of hydropower material, should choose good supporting the bottom box and the socket switch, 35mm, 45mm,50mm several specifications of the bottom box depth